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Faramir Stillness

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-Welcome to Faramir Stillness-

Created and Moderated by: elanordh
Current layout: Codes x_gemini_brat_x adapted by elanordh.
Header: padabee
Banner-makers: mlledefer, only_echoes and sometimes elanordh

-R U L E S-

1) No animation allowed. Use only the image provided. You may use brushes, text,stock photos of the nature and non-animated effects to create your icon. But you may not use other pictures from the LoTR movies, beside the ones provided!

2) Do not reveal your icon to anyone until after the winners are posted.It means that all entries should stay anonymous and should be new, made especially for the challenge.

3) You may NOT vote for yourself, nor get your friends to vote for you, NOR manipulate the results of the polls for your benefit. This INCLUDES not submitting icons under two different usernames, or purposely voting with two usernames.

4) Please be sure your entry fits LJ's standards. GIF, JPG, and PNG format. 40kb and 100x100 MAX.

5) Obscene language is not allowed. (or the following: racist, sexually suggestive, slash, or innapropriate content)

6) Host your entry on an image hosting site such as ImageShack or Photobucket and provide a direct link to your icon.

7) You may use an artist's entry icon ONLY with their permission and after the challenge.

8) You must credit the artist in keywords if using their icons.

-H O W _ I T _ W O R K S-

Save the picture at the beginning of the week and design an icon out of it. No other images will be allowed. Use brushes, text, effects & so on to create your icon. Submit your icon in a screened comment to the Challenge post. Entries will be accepted for almost two weeks (Monday to Sunday of next week) The deadline is Sunday @ 05:00 PM CET. Voting will take place from Sunday and will end on Tuesday 4.00 PM CET). Winners will be posted on Tuesday and banners will be posted shortly thereafter. There will be First, Second, and Third place plus Mod's Choice.

Central European Time (CET)

Standard Time = GMT+1
Summer Time = GMT+2

-S U B M I T T I N G-

1) Upload your icon to an Image Hosting Site, for example, ImageShack.com.
2) When submitting your icons, please also provide a link.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The link must work for as long as possible. Unless it is seriously necessary to delete the image off your server.

4) Submit your entry in a screened comment to the Challenge post.

5) You must be a member of the community to submit icons

I m p o r t a n t _ n o t e

I'd like to ask every person who enters the icons to vote also. It makes the competition quite unfair when someone who enters, doesn't vote at all. We are here not only to participate but also to support others in their work. :)When the other people give their votes to you, it's kind and fair to give your votes to them. Thank you in advance.

-P A S T _ W I N N E R S-



-A F F I L I A T E S-

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